Auction Items

The benefit auction is now closed. Andrea will be contacting the winners shortly by email, to arrange payment and shipping. Thank you again to all our donors and bidders!

Welcome to the Artisan Benefit Auction for Reesa Brown's medical bills! To see the items available simply scroll down the page. The items will be rotated as bids are made so that the unbid items are at the top and the most recent bid is listed at the bottom of the page. There will also be a side box linking to the 5 most recent bids so you can follow the hottest auction action.

To make your own bid on an item, simply enter your amount in the box labeled "bid" under the item or service you wish to own. Your bid needs to be at least $1 more than the previous high bid to be considered the highest bid. We have it set up so that you will be notified by email in the event you are outbid (though you have the option to turn this off if you wish). If the item is location-dependent it will be specified in the description; otherwise you may safely assume that the items can be shipped remotely. The winning bidder will need to make sure they have provided us with a valid email address to contact for determining shipment or pick-up details, and payments for winning bids will be made through PayPal like in the SpinAThon. Bidding ends at 11:59PM CST on May 15th. All money from winning bids will go toward medical bills for Reesa Brown's recent breast cancer surgery. Contact Andrea with any questions you have.

Thanks to all the people who donated such great auction items, and to all of you who will bid and take home wonderful things!

*NOTE*: We've had an amazing offer from Brad Roberts, who wants to encourage bidding and who is willing to match the total amount donated on the winning bids with his own generous donation. So go and bid, secure in the knowledge that your bid is now worth twice as much medical bill help!

Baked Hops by Brittany

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 18:43 — freyapax
Baked Goods

The top TWO winners of this auction will receive a loaf of Brittany's Home-Baked Shiner Bock Beer Bread

$10 by David Ibarra
$8 by Carissa
$5.00 by freyapax

Wish Upon a Carnelian by Abzu Emporium

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 15:39 — freyapax
Wish Upon a Carnelian Necklace
Wish Upon a Carnelian Necklace Detail

Warm red star center surrounded by falling copper diamonds make for a lovely adornment.

Designed by Andre of Abzu Emporium.
20" long

$45.00 by Mary Bass
$30.00 by Jenmarie
$20.00 by Mary Bass
$5.00 by freyapax

The Pirate Goes to Church by Wyrding Studios

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 13:58 — freyapax
The Pirate Goes to Church

Kythryne of Wyrding Studios offers up this pin/pendant.

Coral, ocean jasper, color-treated pearls, silver wire, silver-tone pinback.

1 7/8" (48 mm) high, 2" (50 mm) wide.

$35.00 by Mary Bass
$25 by elonweis
$20.00 by Mary Bass
$5.00 by freyapax

Build a Garden by Maryellen Burdwood-Porter

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 15:42 — freyapax

"I would like to offer 4 hours of my time as a professional organic/permaculture gardener.
I had a business in San Francisco and Oakland, CA, for 12 years. I installed gardens, water systems, veggie gardens, raised beds, did maintenance and more.

I will be available after July 1st and since I am new to Texas, my skills will not lie in chosing plants for a garden, but more, in expert working."

This auction will only be usable in the general Austin area, but IS transferable if you'd like to buy it for someone who is local.

45.00 by Tam
$30 by Samantha Joy
$10.00 by Tam
$5.00 by freyapax

Homebaked Banana Pecan Bread by Brittany

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 13:29 — freyapax
Baked Goods

Austin baker Brittany is offering one Loaf of Home-Baked Banana Pecan Bread (made w/ or w/o pecans from her family farm in central Texas, vegan or traditional). Can be delivered locally in Austin or shipped elsewhere.

Winning bidder will receive Brittany's contact information after close of auction.

20.00 by J. Esterline
10 by David Ibarra
$5.00 by freyapax

Rebirth by Emily Sappenfield

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 13:04 — freyapax
Rebirth Handspun
Rebirth Handspun Detail

The colors of this lovely handspun bring to mind the colors of spring when the earth is reborn.

Hand spun by Emily Sappenfield
100% Corriedale wool
660 yards

40 by Kristine Hartman
$30.00 by Carlin
25.00 by Anonymous
20.00 by fourbears
15.00 by lussina
$5.00 by freyapax

Cheeks Blush by Suzanne Hartman

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 15:28 — freyapax
Cheeks Blush Yarn
Cheeks Blush Yarn Detail

Beautifully soft and drapey merino handspun by local fiberista Suzanne Hartman.

100% Merino Wool
Laceweight to Worsted Weight
Approx 450 yards total

Note: Second picture is the best color match

15 by Kristine Hartman
$10.00 by Lisa
$5.00 by freyapax

Live in My World by Reesa Brown

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 17:10 — freyapax

You are bidding on the following: help name and create aspects of a character in a fictional story.

The details:

Your choices of where this character will appear are: 1) as a secondary (bit) character in the novel-in-progress; 2) as a primary character in an upcoming short story; or 3) as an upcoming redshirt in the Callie story currently unfolding on the blog (note: redshirt = not likely to survive the scene/story in which they appear)

Further notes:
* You'll likely get the fastest return on option #2. The novel is scheduled to be finished by Oct 2010 (but hopefully earlier); the Callie project is harder to estimate but possibly lasts through the end of 2010; a short story usually has a 4-6 week creation time.

* A copy of whichever option chosen will be sent to the winning bidder with the following limitations: for the #1 option you'll only receive a printed and bound section with your character's part (for copyright purposes) until the novel is sold and published (which might be a while), at which point you'll get a signed and personalized copy of the novel. For options #2 and #3, I'll send a printed and signed copy of the story or blog posts bound at a local printers (if either is published professionally I'll send a signed copy of it to the winner when it's published). Any of the three options will also be posted on my website with a note attached explaining to whom it's dedicated and why.

* You won't get final control over the ultimate fate of the character or all of what happens, but you get to name and describe the appearance of a character -- picking one of the three options above -- as well as provide as many suggestions as you wish for what you'd like to see happen to the character. The suggestions will be taken into consideration, but may be twisted to authorial purpose as needed; the name and description will remain as you create them.

$25.00 by Billthecat
12.00 by Allyson
$10.00 by Billthecat
6.00 by Allyson
$5.00 by freyapax

Unspeakable Horror Autographed by Reesa Brown

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 12:58 — freyapax

The winning bidder will win a copy of the Unspeakable Horror trade paperback anthology, published by

Reesa's first short story sale appears within, "Memory Box". She will sign and/or personalize upon winning bidder's request.

23.00 by Allyson
20.00 by Idiomagic
12.00 by Allyson
10 by Anonymous
$5.00 by freyapax

Softback Jubilee by Steven Brust

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 16:57 — freyapax

In the house with the rooms with the bins there are even more books. This time, paperbacks and trades. This auction is for a random assortment of the first three we come across in our rummaging. All by Steven Brust.

Books may be signed and/or personalized at winning bidder's request.

60.00 by Matt Smith
$45 by Holly Eliot
$40 by hanniganite
$5.00 by freyapax

Hardback Lottery by Steven Brust

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 15:57 — freyapax

In a house there are many rooms. In a room there are many bins. In these bins there are many books. In this auction ... you get three.

The winner of this auction gets the first three random hardbacks to come to in digging thru the bins. One never knows what one might find! Except that they'll all be written by Steven Brust.

Books can be signed and/or personalized at winning bidder's request.

$100 by hanniganite
$5.00 by freyapax

Rose for Iconoclastes by Steven Brust

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 13:17 — freyapax

"A Rose For Iconoclastes" is my first and probably last attempt a solo record. I supposed you'd call it politically incorrect folk music; at any rate, it sounds like folk music and a good deal of it is humorous--in intent, at any rate. The title, for those who don't know, is a play off the brilliant story by Roger Zelazny, "A Rose For Ecclesiastes," which you should read if you haven't yet.

The big thing the record has going for it, in my humble opinion, is some fine performances by Adam Stemple (who also produced it), Sara Diedrich, Gary Schulte, Dakota Dave Hull, and some other great local musicians. All the design work is by Geri Sullivan.

Autographed and/or personalized at winning bidder's request. Note the the CD is still shrinkwrapped, so if you wish it signed, it will have to be unwrapped but will otherwise still be brand-new.

45 by John Dallman
30.00 by Dene Foye
27.00 by Idiomagic
25.00 by Dene Foye
20.00 by Dene Foye
15.00 by lussina
$5.00 by freyapax

A Scandal of Choice by Allyson Whipple

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 14:10 — freyapax
A Scandal of Choice

"When Washington D.C. is rocked by another major presidential sex scandal in 2018, congress takes initiative and legislates that all future presidents must take a vow of celibacy during their terms. In 2030, President Lydia Worth must make a decision about her unintended pregnancy which could jeopardize her career and change the nation."

Allyson Whipple is a writer living in Austin, Texas. She earned her B.A. in English from Kenyon College and her M.A. in English from Case Western Reserve University. In her spare time, she performs with the Body Positive Dance Company (, an arts organization that promotes dance opportunities for all sizes.

To be signed and/or personalized upon winning bidder's request.

15.00 by Holly Eliot
$10 by Jenett
$5.00 by freyapax

No Sticking by Brittany

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 18:28 — freyapax
Baked Goods

The top TWO winners of this auction will receive a full dozen of Brittany's Home-Baked Peanut Butter Cookies!

These can be delivered in the Austin area or shipped elsewhere.

$50 by Rathgar
$20 by heatherthegreat
11 by Bryan Stokes II
10 by Anonymous
$5.00 by freyapax

MMMMMolasses Cookies by Brittany

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 17:07 — freyapax
Baked Goods

The top TWO winners will each receive a dozen of these Homemade wonderful goodness cookies made by Austin baker Brittany. Can be delivered in Austin or shipped elsewhere.

$50 by Rathgar
$10 by David Ibarra
$6.00 by Erin
$5.00 by freyapax

An Air of Legitimacy by Jon Eric

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 15:01 — freyapax
An Air of Legitimacy

Jon Eric was born in New Orleans, but is currently local to Austin. His debut album, An Air of Legitimacy, was recorded in 2009, and is filled with folk-pop songs that largely sound lighthearted, but swell just under the surface with longing and regret. You can hear samples of this whole album, and all the rest of Jon's music, at his website, .

To be autographed and/or personalized at winner's request.

$10.00 by Billthecat
$5.00 by freyapax

Find the Gecko by Deborah Smalley

Sat, 05/08/2010 - 18:42 — freyapax
Bowl Exterior
Bowl Interior

Created by hand, this ceramic kiln fired bowl is 6 inches in diameter and 7 inches tall with a sweet hidden gecko to bring you luck!

This item will shipped directly to the auction winner by its creator, Deborah Smalley

Click the pics to see a larger version.

45.00 by freyapax
$40.00 by MadGastronomer
35.00 by freyapax
$30.00 by MadGastronomer
20.00 by freyapax
$10.00 by freyapax

Night Stars by Cindy Adzuki

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 18:14 — freyapax
Night Stars Bracelet
Night Stars Bracelet Detail

Ohhh sparkly. Ohhh shiney. Stars!

Handmade by Cindy Adzuki
Swarovsky irridescent crystals
with heart charm and sterling clasp

This bracelet is only 6 inches long and does NOT stretch. Perfect for the petite wrist.

25.00 by Allyson
$20 by David Ibarra
15.00 by Allyson
$12.00 by Anonymous
$7 by heatherthegreat
$5.00 by freyapax

Try Try Again by Arwyn

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 13:13 — freyapax
Try Try Again Necklace
Try Try Again Necklace detail
Try Try Again Necklace wearing

Upcycled and Handmade by Austin artist Arwyn of Recycle*Pocalypse.

Here's how she describes this piece.

"The necklace is made from parts of a broken necklace (that's the black metal piece with the plastic orange dangles), a broken bracelet(the black circle bangle), and copper wiring from a breaker box. I partially exposed the wire to have more of the pretty effect of the copper, without it being so much that it distracts or turns skin green. it clasps with a hook in the back."

9" in diameter
Pendant is 3" around

13.00 by Bret "Bubba" Rogers
$5.00 by freyapax

A Stitch in Time by Erin Auman

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 13:23 — freyapax
Sewing graphic

Seamstress Erin Auman is offering $50.00 worth of seamstress services (not including materials).

The winning bidder will receive Erin's contact information to make arrangements for work needed.

40.00 by Bret "Bubba" Rogers
$5.00 by freyapax

Dark Fairy by Deborah Smalley

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 18:09 — freyapax
Dark Fairy
Dark Fairy Detail

Spine tingling in the best possible way.

Created by Deborah Smalley
16.5" high by 5.5" wide
The Fairy Doll's head and hands are made of Polymer Clay the body is mixed media.

25.00 by Anonymous
24.00 by Bret "Bubba" Rogers
20.00 by Anonymous
10.00 by niki
$5.00 by freyapax

Reesa's Joy by Susan Frickes

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 13:41 — freyapax
Reesa's Joy Fiber
Reesa's Joy Fiber Detail

Hand-dyed by Susan Frickes of Yarnorama for this event, luscious pink with dashes of dark purple and brilliant crimson.

4 ounces
Falkland wool

$18.00 by Deborah Smalley
15 by Kristine Hartman
$10.00 by Emma Bull
$5.00 by freyapax

Reesa's Joy by Andrea O'Sullivan

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 18:22 — freyapax
Reesa's Joy Yarn
Reesa's Joy Yarn Detail

Out of the same fiber as the OTHER Reesa's Joy, only this one is yarn. Obviously.

Hand dyed by Susan Frickes of Yarnorama
Hand spun by Andrea O'Sullivan of Natural Obsessions
100% Falkland Wool
Worsted weight 2 ply
77 yards

$18.00 by Deborah Smalley
$15.00 by Holly Eliot
10.00 by Deborah Smalley
$5.00 by freyapax

Inspired by Deana Harris

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 17:05 — freyapax
Inspired Yarn
Inspired Yarn Detail

Soft gentle quiet shocked thru with bright blinding thought. These skeins complement and complete each other.

Handspun by Deana Harris
Merino Wool and Silk Blend
Gray/Turquoise 2ply 130 yards
Turquoise singleply 85 yards

$20.00 by Gina
$18.00 by Sheraton
$5.00 by freyapax

Verve by Jessica Woerner

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 17:18 — freyapax
Verve Yarn
Verve Yarn Detail

Bouncy, lively and full of texture! One can never have too much personality.

Hand spun and Hand dyed by Jessica Woerner
100% Texas Merino from Stonehill
approx 45 yards

$15 by Carol
$10.00 by Deborah Smalley
$5.00 by freyapax

Iorich by Steven Brust

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 13:36 — freyapax

"House Jhereg, Dragaera's organized crime syndicate, is still hunting Vlad Taltos. There's a big price on his head on Draegara City. Then he hears disturbing news. Aliera--longtime friend, sometime ally--has been arrested by the Empire on a charge of practicing elder sorcery, a capital crime.

It doesn't make sense. Everybody knows Aliera's been dabbling in elder sorcery for ages. Why is the Empire down on her now? Why aren't her powerful friends--Morrolan, Sethra, the Empress Zerika--coming to her rescue? And most to the point, why has she utterly refused to do anything about her own defense?

It would be idiotic of Vlad to jump into this situation. He's a former Jhereg who betrayed the House. He's an Easterner--small, weak, short-lived. He's being searched for by the most remorseless killers in the world. Naturally, that's exactly why he's going to get completely involved..."

From Steven Brust's own collection a hardback copy of Iorich by the man himself. To be signed and/or personalized upon winning bidder's request.

$55 by Aeolus
$50 by Bawrence
$35.00 by Sariel
$30.00 by Sariel
30.00 by Entropian
25.00 by Allyson
20.00 by Idiomagic
18.00 by Allyson
15.00 by Anonymous
$5.00 by freyapax

Jhegaala by Steven Brust

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 16:30 — freyapax

"Fresh from the collapse of his marriage, and with the criminal Jhereg organization out to eliminate him, Vlad decides to hide out among his relatives in faraway Fenario. All he knows about them is that their family name is Merss and that they live in a papermaking industrial town called Burz.

At first Burz isn’t such a bad place, though the paper mill reeks to high heaven. But the longer he stays there, the stranger it becomes. No one will tell him where to find his relatives. Even stranger, when he mentions the name Merss, people think he’s threatening them. The witches’ coven that every Fenarian town and city should have is nowhere in evidence. And the Guild, which should be protecting the city’s craftsmen and traders, is an oppressive, all-powerful organization, into which no tradesman would ever be admitted.

Then a terrible thing happens. In its wake, far from Draegara, without his usual organization working for him, Vlad is going to have to do his sleuthing amidst an alien people: his own."

The winner will receive a hardback copy of Jhegaala from Steven Brust's own collection, to be autographed and/or personalized at the winner's request.

$45 by Aeolus
$40 by Bawrence
30.00 by Idiomagic
25.00 by Allyson
$20 by Star Straf
$5.00 by freyapax

Movie Night by Lynn Riley

Mon, 05/10/2010 - 22:48 — freyapax

Popcorn and soda time!

This card is worth $25 to spend as you wish at any Regal Cinemas.

$20.00 by Mark W
$15.00 by Robie
10.00 by niki
$5.00 by freyapax

Special Event by Robie Kentspeth

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 18:26 — freyapax
Special Event

"A special event is worth celebrating with taste, whether it's a wedding, birthday, or a relaxed gathering of friends!

Robie, Dan, and Julia have a delectable donation for the auction. Robie will concoct a cake or a meal for you. She loves making delicious, beautiful cakes for special events as well as creating meals that are celebrations of family and friendship. She has been cooking and baking most of her life, making everything from a wedding cake for two hundred and fifty guests to a formal, sit-down vegan feast for twelve. She is inspired by the challenge of making a delicious meal that respects the dietary restrictions of the guests. She is looking forward to your special-event cake or meal being her next big project! Dan and Julia are happy to donate up to fifty dollars towards the cost of the cake or the meal."

This auction needs to be redeemed by May 1, 2011, in the Austin, TX area only. It only covers the first $50.00 of material costs; costs will not go over $50.00 without consulting with the winner ahead of time. Winning auction is transferable to someone local if you wish to gift it.

$35 by Erin
30 by niki
$25.00 by Erin
$20.00 by hanniganite
15.00 by Erin
$10 by hanniganite
$5.00 by freyapax

Be A Spider by Andrea O'Sullivan

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 16:11 — freyapax

Want to learn how to spin or knit or know someone in the Austin area who does? Andrea O'Sullivan of Natural Obsessions is offering the winner of this auction three classes in either one of these skills, materials not included.

Lessons must be redeemed by September 1, 2010. This auction is only usable in the Austin area but it is transferable if you know someone locally who'd like to learn, or if you plan on visiting the area anytime soon.

$25.00 by Erin A
20.00 by Wendy
$5.00 by freyapax

Orchid #2 by Patrick Cardiff

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 16:40 — freyapax
Orchid Boomerang
Orchid Boomerang Detail

Fly flower fly!

"Designed to be equally at home on the wall or in the air, these boomerangs are hand-crafted from high-quality, aircraft grade plywood, and are individually flight-tested before and after they are painted and varnished. Each is original, designed, hand-painted, signed and dated by the artist."

Hand made by Patrick Cardiff of Cardiff Art. Careful where you throw. Pat says trees eat boomerangs.

$20.00 by Dave
10.00 by Robie
$5.00 by freyapax

Puzzle by ???

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 18:46 — freyapax
Puzzle Pendant
Puzzle Pendant Detail

The rainbows of kiln fused glass surrounding a center puzzle piece. Sparkly and interesting.

1.5" wide by 1.25" tall

$10.00 by Carol
6.00 by Anonymous
$5.00 by freyapax

Even Keel by Cindy Williams

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 16:36 — freyapax
Even Keel Yarn
Even Keel Yarn Detail

Cindy was our middle-of-the-night on a Saturday spinner during SpinaThon and this is one of the yarns she worked on during that time. Soothing in shade, rich in feel, this is a great yarn for those who tolerate wool.

Handspun by Cindy Williams of the YarnSpinnersTales Podcast
Corriedale wool and camel
100 yards
11 wpi

$15.00 by Molly
$10.00 by Deborah Smalley
$5.00 by freyapax

Untouched by Cindy Williams

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 18:41 — freyapax
Untouched Yarn
Untouched Yarn Detail

Nothing but rich gorgeous cream

Hand Spun by Cindy Williams of Yarnspinnerstales Podcastduring SpinAThon
100% supersoft undyed Merino wool
150 yards
16 wpi

$20 by Molly
$15.00 by Deborah Smalley
10.00 by Deborah Smalley
$5.00 by freyapax

Feed the Roots by Suzanne Hartman

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 17:00 — freyapax
Feed the Roots Yarn
Feed the Roots Yarn Detail

Super soft handspun feeds all the senses. Well it probably doesn't taste all that great, but anyway.

Handspun by Suzanne Hartman
100% Merino Wool
Laceweight to Worsted Weight
approx 450 yards

Note: Second picture is the best match for color.

$15.00 by Deborah Smalley
$10 by fourbears
$5.00 by freyapax

Aha Moment by Kim Bingham

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 14:15 — freyapax
A Hah Moment Yarn
Aha Moment Yarn Detail

Squishy wonderful yarny goodness at the moment of realization.

Hand dyed by Susan of Yarnorama
Hand spun by Kim Bingham
100% Falkland Wool
approx 405 yards total

$22 by fourbears
$20 by Carol
15.00 by Bret "Bubba" Rogers
$10 by fourbears
$5.00 by freyapax

Life's Blood by Dorris Beaird

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 18:07 — freyapax
Lifes Blood Yarn
Lifes Blood Yarn Detail

Squishy has never been more appealing than in this dark velvet-colored yarn.

Handspun by Dorris Beaird
Hand dyed by Andrea O'Sullivan of Natural Obsessions
100% Targhee Wool
approx 140 yds

15.00 by Anonymous
$10.00 by MadGastronomer
$5.00 by freyapax

Cherries on Top by Cindy Adzuki

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 16:05 — freyapax
Cherries On Top Earrings
Cherries on Top Earrings Detail

Cute dancing cherries dangling from your ears. How fun!

Handmade by Cindy Adzuki
German pressed glass and seed beads

$20.00 by Brittany
$15 by Carol
8.00 by Laura S
$5.00 by freyapax

Devotion by Casey Clough

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 13:44 — freyapax

Ink on handmade paper
artwork 11" by 14"
matted and framed size 16" by 22"

One of a kind, signed by the artist.

$30.00 by Anonymous
10.00 by niki
10.00 by niki
$5.00 by freyapax

Lengthen Your Spine by Robert Gardner

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 16:49 — freyapax

Bend and stretch, twist and shout. Well maybe not the last one, unless you just really want to.

Austin-area yoga teacher Robert Gardner of Robert Gardner Wellness is offering you the chance to try out for yourself.

The top TWO bidders will receive 3 free yoga classes each at Robert's Round Rock, TX home based yoga studio. Winners will receive Robert's contact information to schedule classtime. Classes must be redeemed by August 31, 2010.

This auction is only redeemable locally, but is transferable to someone local, if you know someone you'd like to give the gift of bendiness too.

42.00 by Bret "Bubba" Rogers
$34.00 by Billthecat
33.00 by Bret "Bubba" Rogers
$25.00 by Billthecat
$15.00 by Robie
$5.00 by freyapax

SeaKelp by Andrea O'Sullivan

Sat, 05/08/2010 - 18:55 — freyapax
SeaKelp Back
SeaKelp Front

It whispers like the sea, shimmers like the ocean, but is much warmer.

Hand dyed and hand knit by Andrea O'Sullivan of Natural Obsessions
100% Silk with randomly placed silver-lined beads
55 inches in diameter
Lifetime free blocking if it needs to be washed

Click pictures to see larger images.

$150.00 by Mary Bass
125.00 by Anonymous
$100.00 by Mary Bass
$80.00 by MadGastronomer
$75.00 by Mary Bass
$50.00 by Jessica
25.00 by Rebecca
$15.00 by CindyAdzuki
10.00 by niki
$5.00 by freyapax

Punk Rock by Andrea O'Sullivan

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 18:18 — freyapax
Punk Rock Yarn
Punk Rock Yarn Detail

Put on your boots and prepare to kick in doors while looking quite lovely!

These two skeins are sold as a set, complimentary and complete.

Handspun and Handdyed by Andrea O'Sullivan of Natural Obsessions
100% Silk
Black/Pink 192 yards
Pink 91 yards

$25.00 by Jittery Pete
$20.00 by Sheraton
$15.00 by Lisa
$15.00 by Lisa
$10.00 by Robie
$5.00 by freyapax

Poprocks by ???

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 18:30 — freyapax
Poprocks Necklace
Poprocks Necklace Detail

One of a kind kiln fused glass pendant with integrated chain slot. Let the inner playful child in you shine through!

1.5" tall by 1" wide

$10.00 by Dave M.
$5.00 by freyapax

Heavy Metal Beatle by David Ibarra

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 17:24 — freyapax
Heavy Metal Beatle
Heavy Metal Beatle Detail

I know grasshoppers aren't beetles (much less beatles) but I still like the name. This adorable little beastie is "made of metal, the body being a rail spike, the antenna horse shoe nails and the legs welding rod. I have left it in its natural finish, the color variations in the metal are from heating. I used welding and brazing to put it all together. The lighter color around the eyes is silver braze used to attach the metal eyes to the spike. I have put a coating of varnish on it to prevent rusting."

Approx 9" long by 5.5" high
weights about 1 lb

$20 by Anonymous
$15.00 by Bunny :)
$10.00 by Robie
$5.00 by freyapax

Cowboy Cookies by Brittany

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 16:02 — freyapax
Baked Goods

"Home baked chocolate-chip oatmeal cookies made w/ or w/o pecans from my family farm in central Texas."

Auction is good for a full dozen cookies.

$27 by David Ibarra
$24 by hanniganite
$20 by David Ibarra
$17 by elonweis
$15 by David Ibarra
$12 by hanniganite
$10 by David Ibarra
8.00 by Erin
$5.00 by freyapax

Rainbows by Cindy Adzuki

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 18:50 — freyapax
Rainbow Bracelet
Rainbow Bracelet Detail

There can never be enough sparkle. Even in rainbows.

Handmade by Austin artist Cindy Adzuki
Swarovsky crystals
German pewter

This bracelet has a little bit of stretch but is definitely made for the very petite wrist. Approx 6 inches around.

$15 by David Ibarra
12.00 by Allyson
$10 by David Ibarra
6.00 by Allyson
$5.00 by freyapax

Checkers by Cindy Adzuki

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 16:43 — freyapax
Checkers Necklace
Checkers Necklace Detail

Fun fun in black and red!

Handmade by Austin artist Cindy Adzuki
17 inches long
Handmade carved red and black cinnabar
Glass seed beads

20.00 by Izzi13
15.00 by Holly Eliot
10.00 by Deborah Smalley
$5.00 by freyapax

Layers by ???

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 17:27 — freyapax
Layers Pendant
Layers Pendant Detail

Kiln fused glass make layer after layer of lovely shimmery color.

1.5" wide by 1.25" tall

$20.00 by Marca
$15 by RobynB
10.00 by Marca
$5.00 by freyapax

Intrepid by Teresa Levite

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 17:16 — freyapax
Intrepid Fiber
Intrepid Fiber Detail

Fearlessly create! I like that as a motto.

Handdyed by Teresa of Teresa Levite Studio
100% soft and squishy BFL wool spinnning fiber
8 ounces

$32.00 by Deborah Smalley
$30 by Kim B.
$28.00 by Deborah Smalley
25.00 by naomi
$22 by carbonel
20.00 by naomi
10.00 by Laura S
$5.00 by freyapax

Elemental Spark by Kennedy Berry

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 16:00 — freyapax
Elemental Spark Yarn
Elemental Spark Yarn Detail

Earth, stone, plants and sky, and then suddenly that little bit of fire to make it all explode.

Hand spun by Kennedy Berry
100% BFL wool plied with gold metallic thread
approx 200 yards

$40 by Mris
32 by Kim B.
$30 by Mris
$20.00 by Carol
$15.00 by Deborah Smalley
$13.00 by Sheraton
$7.50 by Emma Bull
$5.00 by freyapax

Hearts and Bone by Cindy Adzuki

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 14:59 — freyapax
Heart Faux Ivory Necklace
Heart Faux Ivory Necklace Detail

Handmade necklace by local Austin artist Cindy Adzuki.

14 inches long
faux ivory heart and beads on knotted plastic string

30. by Izzi13
23.00 by Bret "Bubba" Rogers
$5.00 by freyapax

Bamboo Beanie by Erin Auman

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 15:30 — freyapax
Bamboo Beanie
Bamboo Beanie Detail

Hand knit out of lusciously soft and shiney bamboo rayon this beanie will look stylish year round.

Knit by Erin Auman of

Note: Second picture is the best color match.

20.00 by hanniganite
15.00 by Izzi13
11.00 by Bret "Bubba" Rogers
$8.00 by hanniganite
$5.00 by freyapax

Handmade Body Products by Abzu Emporium

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 14:23 — freyapax
Abzu Body Products Basket

Full of sensual goodies this basket includes a variety of products in a variety of scents, all handmade by Andre and Julie at Abzu Emporium

Spring Time Bath Salts
Wild Woman Body Lotion
Cedar and Sage Shampoo Bar
Oatmeal and Peppermint Bath Soap
Love Essential Oil
Spanish Sage Incense
Incense Holder

$60 by Jenni B.
35.00 by zoo_geek
$30.00 by Carol
25.00 by zoo_geek
20.00 by Allyson
$15.00 by rheavon
12.00 by Allyson
$10.00 by rheavon
$5.00 by freyapax

Wrap Your Body by Reesa Brown

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 15:12 — freyapax
Wrap Pants

Made of lightweight muslin using your personal measurements, Reesa will make you a pair of these flowing cool sarong pants, and Andrea O'Sullivan will dye them in your shade of choice.

Auction must be redeemed by May 1st, 2011.

Long lanky cute boy not included.

$60 by Jenni B.
50 by kulilinei
$42.00 by Sheraton
$30.00 by Jenmarie
$20.00 by njtexan
12.00 by Allyson
10.00 by Bethynator
10.00 by Bethynator
$5.00 by freyapax

Singing in the Rain by Jessica Woerner

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 18:38 — freyapax
Singing in the Rain Yarn
Singing in the Rain Yarn Detail

Tippytap and spin and turn, this yarn will make you say good morning too!

Handspun by Jessica Woerner for SpinAThon, Jessica opted to donate this yarn since it had been a gift to her as well, making it the perfect Karma Yarn.

Hand dyed by PigeonRoof Studios
Handspun by Jessica Woerner
100% Superwash Merino Wool (this means it won't felt/shrink when you wash it)
230 yards
12 wpi

32.00 by sierraf
30 by Mrs. Peterson
26.00 by sierraf
20.00 by Anonymous
$18.00 by Sheraton
$15.00 by Deborah Smalley
10.00 by Deborah Smalley
$5.00 by freyapax

Toasty Tootsies by Liza Furr

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 14:01 — freyapax
Custom Socks 1
Custom Socks 2

Liza Furr is offering custom made socks, just to fit you (or someone you want to gift them to).

The pictures are an example of some socks she's already made. The winning bidder will have a different pair, with their own choices of yarn type and colors.

$30 by Anonymous
$25 by Tracy
$20 by Anonymous
$10 by Jenett
$10 by Jenett
$5.00 by freyapax

ARC of Iorich by Steven Brust

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 15:25 — freyapax
ARC of Iorich

An ARC is an Advance Reading Copy, printed by the publisher without the cover art before the official release date. It's sent to reviewers as a way to start getting attention for the book in anticipation of the book's release. Only a few are printed, so here's a way to get something from one of your favorite authors that no one else on your block will have!

You're bidding on the ARC of Iorich, written by Steven Brust and recently released in hardback from Tor books. This ARC copy has never been read, and can be signed and/or personalized by the author at the winning bidder's request.

$110 by Jeremy
$100 by Christopher Hull
$60 by John Dallman
$50 by Nicholas Hughes
45.00 by Dene Foye
40 by Seth Breidbart
25.00 by Dene Foye
20.00 by Stacy
10.00 by Dene Foye
6.00 by Allyson
$5.00 by freyapax

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