ARC of Iorich by Steven Brust

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 15:25 — freyapax
ARC of Iorich

An ARC is an Advance Reading Copy, printed by the publisher without the cover art before the official release date. It's sent to reviewers as a way to start getting attention for the book in anticipation of the book's release. Only a few are printed, so here's a way to get something from one of your favorite authors that no one else on your block will have!

You're bidding on the ARC of Iorich, written by Steven Brust and recently released in hardback from Tor books. This ARC copy has never been read, and can be signed and/or personalized by the author at the winning bidder's request.

$110 by Jeremy
$100 by Christopher Hull
$60 by John Dallman
$50 by Nicholas Hughes
45.00 by Dene Foye
40 by Seth Breidbart
25.00 by Dene Foye
20.00 by Stacy
10.00 by Dene Foye
6.00 by Allyson
$5.00 by freyapax

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