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Sun, 05/09/2010 - 17:10 — freyapax

You are bidding on the following: help name and create aspects of a character in a fictional story.

The details:

Your choices of where this character will appear are: 1) as a secondary (bit) character in the novel-in-progress; 2) as a primary character in an upcoming short story; or 3) as an upcoming redshirt in the Callie story currently unfolding on the blog (note: redshirt = not likely to survive the scene/story in which they appear)

Further notes:
* You'll likely get the fastest return on option #2. The novel is scheduled to be finished by Oct 2010 (but hopefully earlier); the Callie project is harder to estimate but possibly lasts through the end of 2010; a short story usually has a 4-6 week creation time.

* A copy of whichever option chosen will be sent to the winning bidder with the following limitations: for the #1 option you'll only receive a printed and bound section with your character's part (for copyright purposes) until the novel is sold and published (which might be a while), at which point you'll get a signed and personalized copy of the novel. For options #2 and #3, I'll send a printed and signed copy of the story or blog posts bound at a local printers (if either is published professionally I'll send a signed copy of it to the winner when it's published). Any of the three options will also be posted on my website with a note attached explaining to whom it's dedicated and why.

* You won't get final control over the ultimate fate of the character or all of what happens, but you get to name and describe the appearance of a character -- picking one of the three options above -- as well as provide as many suggestions as you wish for what you'd like to see happen to the character. The suggestions will be taken into consideration, but may be twisted to authorial purpose as needed; the name and description will remain as you create them.

$25.00 by Billthecat
12.00 by Allyson
$10.00 by Billthecat
6.00 by Allyson
$5.00 by freyapax

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