SeaKelp by Andrea O'Sullivan

Sat, 05/08/2010 - 18:55 — freyapax
SeaKelp Back
SeaKelp Front

It whispers like the sea, shimmers like the ocean, but is much warmer.

Hand dyed and hand knit by Andrea O'Sullivan of Natural Obsessions
100% Silk with randomly placed silver-lined beads
55 inches in diameter
Lifetime free blocking if it needs to be washed

Click pictures to see larger images.

$150.00 by Mary Bass
125.00 by Anonymous
$100.00 by Mary Bass
$80.00 by MadGastronomer
$75.00 by Mary Bass
$50.00 by Jessica
25.00 by Rebecca
$15.00 by CindyAdzuki
10.00 by niki
$5.00 by freyapax

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