Try Try Again by Arwyn

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 13:13 — freyapax
Try Try Again Necklace
Try Try Again Necklace detail
Try Try Again Necklace wearing

Upcycled and Handmade by Austin artist Arwyn of Recycle*Pocalypse.

Here's how she describes this piece.

"The necklace is made from parts of a broken necklace (that's the black metal piece with the plastic orange dangles), a broken bracelet(the black circle bangle), and copper wiring from a breaker box. I partially exposed the wire to have more of the pretty effect of the copper, without it being so much that it distracts or turns skin green. it clasps with a hook in the back."

9" in diameter
Pendant is 3" around

13.00 by Bret "Bubba" Rogers
$5.00 by freyapax

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