What is Spinathon?

This way to see clips of Steven Brust performing in support of Reesa Brown and Spinathon!

SpinAThon FAQs

Spinathon is a marathon spinning/knitting event to raise funds to help cover medical expenses for local writer, small business owner and friend, Reesa Brown. Reesa was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of breast cancer and is currently recovering from major surgery.

Our fiber artists will be spinning or knitting for sponsorships. Please click the donate button below to sponsor an artist, 5 minutes for every $5.00 raised, and return often the weekend of May 1st and 2nd to watch the webcam or view pictures (as bandwidth permits) as our spinners and knitters create for Reesa.

When you donate, your name will be added to the list at the bottom of people we're all thanking so oh so much. If you'd like to remain anonymous, please just add that in the comments when you make your payment. If you'd like your name to be linked to a particular website (online store, blog, etc) please add that information in the comments. If you include neither of those things, your name will be added in plain text.

We raised a total of $2,682 for the weekend and are still accepting donations! Stay tuned for more info about the auction starting May 10th.

There will also be an auction in mid-May which will include the yarns/knits created during SpinAThon as well as other items and gift certificates from various artists and service providers. A page with that information is coming soon.

From Andrea:
I'm a spinner and a knitter and when my lovely girlfriend was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer, I floundered a bit, trying to figure out what I could do to help. Being available for emotional support was a given, but like everyone knows, medical treatment is terribly expensive. So in thinking about what sort of fund raising I could help with I decided to go with what I know.

Reesa BrownI've invited several independant dyers and many spinners and knitters to join me in helping raise funds for Reesa's medical expenses. Susan of Yarnorama in Paige, Texas has donated her space, and multiple spinners are donating their time to participate in the Spinathon event. We're accepting donations for sponsorships. For every $5.00 raised, a spinner or knitter will be working for 5 minutes.

From Lynn:
When I first met Reesa, she was holding court with several friends at a dinner. I was taken in by her voice - deep, sonorous, commanding - and then her laugh, straight out of a mystery. I learned she was a writer, a performance artist, a business manager, but most of all, well loved and respected.

Cancer didn't know who it was up against when it picked her.

It lost. She won.

Now comes round two. Any one who receives the news of cancer deserves a fair fight against the disease and freedom from worry about the cost of the procedures while they recover. Please join us in making this process less of a burden for my friend.

From Allyson:
I have not known Reesa for very long. We first met about a month before she was diagnosed with cancer; my friends took me to one of the poker nights she, Nathan, and Steven hosted before she began treatment. I remember being captivated listening to her talk about her writing process, especially because of the authoritative and passionate tone in her voice - she knew exactly what kind of writer she was, the kind of writer she wanted to become, and how she was going to do it. She had methods, exercises, and had given a great deal of thought to writing in general and her own career. Listening to her talk that night was inspirational - it got me thinking about my own writing career, and the ways I could improve it if I were more attentive to my process. And I didn't just admire her professionally - Reesa is just a joy to be around; she exudes warmth and positive energy, and sets people at ease. Even though I have only known her a short while, my life has changed for the better simply by knowing her.

When I found out Reesa had cancer, I was scared for her, and angry for myself. It wasn't fair that this wonderful person who had just come into my life might get taken away. Fortunately, after surgery and tests, her prognosis is good - but I know she still has a long fight ahead of her. I will be sponsoring time during Spinathon as a way to show my support for Reesa and help her afford her treatments. I hope that with the combined efforts of friends and other donors, we help Reesa with her medical debt and thus make her cancer treatments just a little easier to bear. Maybe we can't lift the burden of cancer completely, but if we work together through Spinathon, we can still do a lot to support a wonderful friend.

Other places to stay up to date on Reesa's progress include the Reesa Brown Facebook Fan Page and Reesa's blog.

Nathan and Reesa thank everyone who has helped so much:

Michael Barr
Xaviera Chambers
John Dallman
Nolan Darilek
Nicole Drane
Scott Drummond
Pamela Dyer-Bennet
Susan Fricks of Yarnorama
Stephen Garvey
Abigail Greig
Steven Halter
Dennis Higbee
Anne Kaelber
Catherine Iannuzzo
Ellen Kaye-Cheveldayoff
Robie Kentspeth
Kirby Kerr
Roo Kline
Andrew Kojnok
Teresa Levite of Teresa Levite Studio
Anne M Cass Marshall
Ann Merriman of Grinny Possum
David Morra
Michael Nadler
Daniel Osiecki
Andrea O'Sullivan of Natural Obsessions
Pat and Holly
Jonathan Porobil
Susan Post of BookWoman
David Reyna
Lynn Riley
Brad Roberts
Deborah Roseman
Laura Sackerman
Jerry Alan Sayers
Deborah Smalley
JenMarie Taylor
Daniel Wall
Allyson Whipple
Carol Yount

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